The Mission

Our Goals and the Way We Work

We are on a mission - called Mission:Change.
This is what we aim to do. Create change, make a difference.

Our principal

Our planet and its burning issues - both environmental and humanitarian

Our objective and secondary objectives

To support various charities from all over the world.
Therefore: The organization of fan projects, flashmobs, parties etc. in order to involve our agents and raise funds for our chosen targets.

Our missions' core

The sale of a T-Shirt that is only available for a certain event and cause - execlusive designed in order to raise not only funds but awareness.

Our head

We are four women from all over Germany, doing some Charity Work. We are associated with and supported by Colors of Cronos, which is Mary's own business. She takes care of all of our designs as you may know already
Our backup are several passionated volunteers who support our mission with their own unique abilities.

Our Agents

YOU! Everyone interested in our projects, everyone participating and spreading the word about what we do.
We operate both nationally and internationally and we are constantly hiring! Previous experiences not required! The only qualification we ask for are passion for charity and compassion for the wellbeing of our planet and the creatures living on it.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Become our agent, contact us!