Mission 2016

This year's second target


War, political instability, poverty and hunger force millions of people to leave their home.

Currently, there are about 60 million refugees worldwide. We live in safety and prosperity and we are able to help them.
This is what we aim to do with our new mission, Mission:Power. In coordination with our new target person, Kat Graham, an internationally successful actress and singer, we decided to support two organizations. Both will receive 50% of the donations.


The first organization is the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Kat Graham has been an UNHCR ambassador for some time past. Being active in 123 countries, the UNHCR provides emergency humanitarian aid and disaster aid and ensures a basic supply for the refugees.

Furthermore, it is committed to the international protection of refugees and seeks to ensure the respect and observance of Human Rights and international agreements on behalf of the refugees. Additionally, the UNHCR raises awareness and educates people by providing educational and information material and ensures judicial protection of the refugees in the host countries.


The other 50% go to ichhelfe.jetzt (I help now), an organization located in Dresden, Germany. Ichhelfe.jetzt is committed to improve the situation and to achieve a humane care of refugees in Germany.
Therefore it has created a platform that simplifies the coordination of voluntary aid workers and non-profit organizations. Volunteers, who would like to contribute to the improvement of the situation of refugees, can make their time, skills or materials available whereas registered non-profit organizations can make use of these offers.