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20. January 2016
Mission:Change is back!
3. April 2016


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Dear Agents,

In cooperation with Outlander Germany we created our first charity-project for 2016: It's a member-shirt for this awesome and big community - for members, friends and fans of them.
We plan to support Graham McTravish, ambassadorof the World Peace Tartan, with this mission. And this mission includes the whole cast and also us, since World peace is something, we all need - especially today.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
Buying the new shirts for the Gathering in March to show everyone that you are part of Outlander Germany during convention, and also for showing your support even if you can't join that con. Therefore we plan to make this mission run a bit longer - so everyone will be able to join.
More information coming soon!

Your Agents of Mission:Change and Admins of Outlander Germany

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